Flanno for a Farmer

25 August 2023

The Groundwater Country Music Festival (CMF) team are all sporting our best looking flannos, but not just because we think flannos look great!

Turning fashion into compassion, we’re proud to be supporting Flanno for a Farmer Day, a fundraising initiative by our Official Charity Partner, Drought Angels, to support farmers impacted by natural disasters, mental wellbeing issues and the rising cost of primary production.  

Who are Drought Angels?

Did you know that natural disasters can take many farmers more than five years to recover? The financial, physical and emotional devastation caused as a result is the reason behind why Drought Angels exist.

In January 2014, Chinchilla locals Natasha Johnston and Nicki Blackwell heard stories of struggling farmers who could not afford to put food on their own tables due to the ongoing drought. They stepped up to organise a fundraising event and the rest was history.

From a small ute and trailer to a warehousing and office space, Drought Angels reaches out to those who often prefer to battle it alone. With a focus on providing heartfelt, discreet and personalised support to farmers and rural communities across the country, Groundwater CMF is beyond proud to have Drought Angels as our 2023 Charity Partner.  

What is Flanno for a Farmer?

Most farmers would give the shirt off their own backs if it meant helping someone in need, and Flanno for a Farmer is exactly that. By raising a few dollars and donning your finest flanno today, 25 August, you can play a part in supporting thousands of farming families. 

With a goal of $200,000 for its inaugural year, together we can rally behind Drought Angels and say a massive thank you to our country’s farmers. 

So we did exactly that! Our Groundwater CMF team threw on our best looking flanno, fired up the barbie and blasted our festival playlist for our very own Flanno for a Farmer fundraiser.

How can you help?

Be part of the Groundwater CMF team by donating here! Alternatively, you can also roll up your sleeves, register your own page and share your flanno efforts online to gather more sponsors!

However you decide to help, let’s unite the country community together and lend a hand to our Aussie farmers!

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