Groundwater Country Music Festival is Australia’s fastest growing country music festival and is indicative of the growing appeal of country music in Australia.

Established in 2013 as the Broadbeach Country Music Festival, the festival was rebranded as Groundwater Country Music Festival in 2018. Groundwater is a common denominator in bringing people together. It reflects Australia’s unique culture, drawing from both the Aboriginal people’s close spiritual connection with the groundwater, as well as the farming community’s reliance on groundwater for survival. Groundwater reflects the innate culture of the Australian people who use the rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans as a central part of life.

Groundwater Country Music Festival invites visitors to come and stay in our city for 3 days of rocking country music that will shake the earth and swell the spirit.

We Aim to Be Environmentally sustainable!

Groundwater County Music Festival is committed to being an environmentally responsible event, with the Major Events Gold Coast team working closely with event partners to plan and implement a festival which will reflect green event best practices.

With your support we can continue to proactively lessen the carbon footprint, and ensure that the Groundwater County Music Festival remains an environmentally friendly event.

You can do your bit to help by:

  • Utilising the recycle bins provided whist at the Groundwater Country Music Festival.
  • Using public transport as detailed on the transport section of this website.
  • Staying in one of the many local Broadbeach accommodation houses, all located within walking distance to the Festival outdoor stages and venues.


Groundwater has been recognised by both the Australian and Queensland Tourism Awards winning a number of prestigious awards across the years:

Gold Winner

Festival & Events at the 2019 Australian Tourism Awards 

Gold Winner

Festival & Events at the 2018 Queensland Tourism Awards

Silver Winner

Festival & Events at the 2017 Queensland Tourism Awards

Silver Winner

Festival & Events at the 2016 Queensland Tourism Awards


Since 2013, Groundwater Country Music Festival was proudly produced by the Broadbeach Alliance, however from July 1, 2020 the festival is now produced by Major Events Gold Coast (MEGC).

MEGC’s charter is to develop a portfolio of events and festivals which will attract the overnight drive market from Brisbane and the interstate traveller wishing to come to the Gold Coast for an event or festival ultimately generating Visitor Nights and promotion of our destination, as an events and festivals hub.

MEGC is committed to hosting environmentally responsible events, as such we work very closely with event partners to plan and implement festivals which reflect green event best practices

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