Your Groundwater Country Music Festival stories!

11 September 2023
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Can you believe it’s already about to be 10 years of country music on the Gold Coast?!

We got to reminiscing with our Groundwater Country Music Festival (CMF) family, asking artists and fans alike some of their favourite festival memories in Broadbeach. Take a look for yourself below and don’t miss out on your chance to be part of all the festivities this 20 – 22 October, 2023! 

Amber Lawrence 

I was actually on the lineup in 2013, the very first Groundwater CMF. And I just remember being in absolute awe that there was this incredible music festival all around the streets, and restaurants and the beach is just down the road. I remember getting to my accommodation, going up the lift, walking to my apartment and looking out on the balcony to see this incredible festival unfold below on the street. That’s just something that’s always been so exciting about Groundwater CMF.

A funny memory from Groundwater CMF for me and I’ve got photos to prove it is performing on the main stage at 8 months pregnant. And I suppose it’s not funny, perhaps it was funny looking in terms of my sequin dress that was not meant to be so tightly fitted. And I had my little boy four weeks later, Groundwater CMF in 2018 was the last gig I did before I gave birth to Ike, and he will be there this year at Groundwater CMF. When I play, he’ll be five years old, so time actually flies but that is the beauty of Australian country music, it’s a journey for all of us, families grow and we’re all there as part of one big country music family so I’ll see you there at Groundwater CMF.

Julie J

In 2018 I was privileged enough to win the Facebook competition when the festival changed its name to Groundwater Country Music Festival. I won flights to Queensland plus accommodation and a heap of merchandise.

We invited two friends to join us and had one of the best weekends of our lives. My husband and I now live in Queensland and attend every year, it just gets better and better!

My best friend Shelly and another friend Belinda were blown away by the festival and all it had to offer. Unfortunately I lost my best friend in December to cancer and I know although she won’t be there this year she will be dancing up there in heaven, boots and all and making sure we all have a brilliant time. Thanks again Groundwater CMF organisers you do an amazing festival. Happy 10th anniversary. Bring it on!!

Melody Moko

Groundwater CMF is one of my favourite festivals in the entire world, definitely my favourite festival in Australia. This will be my third time performing at Groundwater CMF and I’m so so excited to get back to the beautiful Gold Coast. Last time I played Groundwater CMF, I played the most beautiful stage right near the ocean, the crowd was beautiful, the Gold Coast was beautiful, everything about it was just absolutely pristine. I cannot wait for some more of that Groundwater CMF energy.

I hope that you are planning on coming, the best thing about Groundwater CMF is that it’s entirely free, so use the money you would have for a ticket for a super cool, great hotel on the Gold Coast, eat some fantastic food at restaurants, see some fantastic country music. It’s like a bougie country music festival, and the best way to do country music. I cannot wait to see you there.

Kim B

Last year, we had an interstate visitor staying with us, and him being a country music fan, we decided to spend some of the limited time he had with us at Groundwater CMF.

We had brunch near a large stage in Surf Parade, and listened to the music while we ate.  Although we had a lot planned over the weekend with our visitor, we were both impressed enough to come back to Broadbeach again on Sunday afternoon.

It was such a take-home afternoon with the fantastic Groundwater CMF atmosphere and superb artistry of the musical talent. I can’t wait for this year’s festival. Congratulations on staging such a fabulous event. Keep up the good work.

Over the 10 years we’re beyond proud to have grown our country family, and we cannot wait to see many familiar and new faces this October. With a massive lineup this year to go with our 10 year celebrations, it’s going to be epic!

If you’ve also got a fun memory about Groundwater CMF you’d like to share, we’re all ears! Click below to share your story and don’t forget to also drop us a photo! Pics or it didn’t happen, am I right?!

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