Hear from a Groundwater CMF super fan!

5 October 2023

As we get ready to celebrate 10 years of country music on the Gold Coast, we can’t wait to be welcoming new and old friends back to Broadbeach from 20 – 22 October 2023!

Over the past decade, we’ve built quite a community around the Gold Coast and nationwide, with plenty of fans coming in from all corners of the country.

One of these fans is Anita M, who has taken her love for country music and Groundwater CMF to the next level with a dedicated Facebook fan page for the festival!

“The page was actually started by a friend of mine, Anita, so another Anita. We call ourselves the Neets!”

The fan page, which initially started out as a means for like-minded country music fans to meet and mingle at Groundwater CMF has since “grown legs of its own”. Now as a seasoned festival veteran, we sat down with Anita to chat about all things Groundwater CMF. Newbies, take notes!

The Neets with Adam Eckersley

How would you compare Groundwater CMF to other country music festivals?

“I think the best thing about Groundwater CMF is that you can have really nice accommodation. You’ve got beaches, shops, restaurants, and bars. You can hear a lot of the music from those restaurants and bars too so you can actually enjoy sitting down at the festival.

I love all festivals but one thing that does make Groundwater CMF unique is other festivals may not have nice showers, toilets or accommodation. But Groundwater CMF has got it all. I live on the Gold Coast now but I come and stay for the festival because I like being smack-bang in the heart of all the action and fun.

And the other good thing about Groundwater CMF is that country music has really developed over the years. We’ve gone from your traditional country to country rock, and you get all of it at Groundwater CMF. You’ve got everything from your very traditional country right up to the country pop/rock. So it doesn’t matter what type of country music you really love, it’s all here.”

Anita & friend with Dane Sharp

How many years have you been coming to Groundwater CMF?

“I would say I’ve probably been to about seven Groundwater CMF’s now. A big group of us came up to the Gold Coast for a friends birthday, and we had the best time. I’ve been coming every year since then. Then four and half years ago I moved to the Gold Coast so it’s here for me now so that’s even better.”

What has been your favourite festival memory? 

“Meeting Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley! They are hilarious, so funny, and amazing. The other one is seeing Dan Davidson for the first time last year. We had the best time at his set, it was fantastic. So much energy, we just loved it.

But the best part is definitely just having a laugh with friends, enjoying the music, dancing, and having a few drinks.”

The Neets with Kirsty Lee Akers and Jesse Anderson

Who are you most excited to see this year?

“That’s a tough one. I went to school with Dane Sharp so I’m very excited to hear that he’s back on the lineup this year. There’s also Rhinestoned, Casey Barnes, very excited to have him on board. There’s so many, Col Finley is here this year, he’s amazing. Vixens of Fall, I’ve never seen them, but I’ve heard how amazing they are. The list just goes on and on so I try to catch as many artists as I can.

I get that app out and I tick all the ones I want to see. Then I see where I’ve got double ups and then think ‘alright well which one do I really want to see’.”

What advice would you give to someone attending Groundwater CMF for the first time?

“You really need to download the app because it will make the planning of the festival so much easier. It’s got all the artist information on it, and all the times they’re playing and the venue information, it’s absolutely essential to have that app.

You also need to pace yourself because the music starts in the morning and goes right through till late at night. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes and pace yourself!”

Anita with Col Finley

Well you heard it here first! With just two weeks to go until over 50 artists gather in Broadbeach for three days of country celebrations, make sure you’re planning out your days by downloading the official festival app!

And if you haven’t already, time is running out for you to secure your festival accommodation in Broadbeach. See ya’ll soon!

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