AUSMUSIC T-shirt day

Supporting Ausmusic T-Shirt Day – Friday November 20, 2020 

Who’s your favourite artist?

Show your support for local artists this #Ausmusictshirtday by purchasing your official Band Shirt. They’re also selling a range of hoodies, caps, key rings, vinyl’s, posters and so much more!


#ausmusictshirtday and tag @supportact, @groundwatercmf, @aria_offical


Kasey Chambers new album “ Campfire” is a musical journey through the stories of places, people, cultures and sounds that have inspired one of Australia’s most revered performers. Don’t miss out on her range of T-shirts and signed albums. 


Enjoy Lee Kernaghan’s reinvigorated Australian country music? Synthesizing traditional country themes with energetic styles of contemporary rock and roll. Then check out his range of country apparel!


Melanie Dyer has released her new single 20 based off her experience being in ‘the best years of my life where I’m exploring new things, meeting new people and figuring out where I want my life to go’. Click the link to find more of her merch. 


Since early 2011, The Viper Creek Band have been delivering an exciting new sound and high energy, seamless live performances to Australian country. Use the link below to buy their T-shirts, hats and lucky dip merch.


Having just celebrated their 10th Anniversary together The Pigs have released numerous collectors merchandise packs and T-Shirts. Check it out! 


The Hillbilly Goats bring a taste of old time Appalachian folk to Australian audiences. They have created a wide range of T-Shirts and other memorabilia as well as sign CD’s. Don’t miss out.


Award-winning Australian country artist Fanny Lumsden has just released her third studio album, Fallow, an indelible collection of stories that features some of her most intimate song-writing to date. Fans of Fanny Lumsden’s can purchase her apparel and numerous vinyl’s. 

Shane Howard

Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist, Shane Howard was apart of the mainstay of folk rock group Goanna which had the hit single “Solid Rock”. Shane Howard fans can purchase his albums and new ‘Dark Matter’ merch using the link below. 


Gold Coast local and ex 2009 Australian Idol contestant Casey Barnes has a wide range of merch available featuring his album ‘Town of a Million Dreams’. Use the link below to purchase!


Australian rock legend and member of rock band ‘The Cruel Sea’. Tex Perkins online shop is selling his classic memorabilia along with new ‘The Show’ merchandise. Use the link below to find out more.


For over 25 years, Beccy Cole has been delighting Australian music fans with her glowing warmth, husky tones and bawdy sense of humor. Don’t miss out on her wine themed apparel and CD’s

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