The Mason Boys

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Shaking the foundations with pure energy and excitement of modern country/rock, The Mason Boys aren’t your usual country band. Add some tender and heartfelt country ballads, and well known country/rock covers, and you have the outfit for all occasions.

The Mason Boys are an independent country/rock band from the outskirts of Melbourne with many years of experience on the road and in the studio. The band has developed a unique sound with a dynamic front man, punchy guitar tones supporting their multi-harmony vocal delivery, and a tight groove generated from the engine room.

Recently, the band were voted the Most Popular Independent Band from the Independent Country Music Association at the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival. This is a result of years of attending the festival, starting off busking, playing on the main stage in the busking finals, to playing at some of the best venues in town. Highlights for the band has been playing across various country music festivals across Australia and supporting artists such as Travis Collins and Shannon Noll.

The Mason Boys are set to put on an unforgettable performance at Groundwater CMF, 12-14 November 2021.

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