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Australian singer-songwriter Teak may be from a tiny town in outback New South Wales Australia but she is no stranger to stages all around the country.

Teak openly admits she spent far more time playing under neon lights than attending school as a kid. Growing up in Grafton, NSW Teak comes from a musical family. Teak picked up the guitar at around the age of 10, she was heavily into poetry and the two went hand in hand. By her 11th birthday, she had hundreds of songs that were written on her bedroom floor. She ventured from this joining an all-girl band and then signed her first record deal at the age of 13. The band ended up splitting and Teak decided to release music on her own, releasing a self-titled album at the age of 15. Her first single entered the charts and received mainstream and country radio airplay along with making it into the Aria top 100 charts for the year. A highlight for Teak throughout this time was touring nationally with American singer-songwriter David Gates from the band Bread. Teak continued to play live but took some time out after this to focus on family, so she spent most of her early twenties doing just that. It wasn’t until her 30th birthday she decided to go back into the industry. Her writing credits are outstanding, co-writing with hit songwriters such as Jeremy Bussey, Steve Bogard and James Slater and American artists such as Alana Springsteen.

In 2020 Teak released her first single ‘Eight Seconds’, this song would be one of 13 songs recorded and co-written with Swedish producer/writer Martin Hansen and releasing 2 more singles ‘Wild Child’, ‘Time To Do Us’ and an EP titled ‘The Handmade EP’. Teak’s unique sound and storytelling songs are pure gold as is her stage presence and ability to connect with any audience around the world.

Groundwater CMF is excited to welcome Teak to the stage 12-14 November 2021.

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