Roo Arcus

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Roo Arcus is as real as they come. He sings the way he lives, honest, true and country.

He’s a cowboy, a storyteller, a songwriter and one heck of a recording artist. This Australian cattleman, who to this day works the family farm, oozes authenticity and is true to his country roots.

Arcus has now released four albums resulting in a string of radio hits, awards and nominations. His resilience, hard work, honesty and pride in his music, has earned the respect of the industry and his ever-growing loyal fan base. Few do it like Roo. He represents that elusive blend of old-world cowboy coupled with the refined international touring artist. His music has worldwide appeal, as does his warm and gentlemanly but strong nature. Roo’s latest album ‘Tumbleweed’ is a testament to a man who knows who he is and who’s not afraid to blaze his own trail. Such grit and tenacity come from a lifetime of walking the road less travelled.

Watch Roo as he takes to the Groundwater CMF stage this November.

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