Raechel Whitchurch

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“Country is authentic to who I am,” Raechel will tell you, as if you couldn’t tell from that lightly honeyed voice and genuine spirit.

Her love of a good song and her determination to make something real is conveyed perfectly through her music which ultimately allows her to create something truly magical. Raechel’s music style had previously erred on the side of a bit dirty, a bit gritty but her latest album with multi-award-winning producer Matt Fell brings a softer, clean and tight sound that really resonates with audiences. Whether on her parent’s property in Parkes (where she wrote Finally Clear’s title track under the stars), in the hectic moments at home or in the studio taking Fell’s advice that she shouldn’t worry about proving herself but trust in her work and “just sing the song”. Raechel is staying true and is proud to be showing her true, authentic self through her songs.

Listen to the sweet sounds of Raechel this November at Groundwater CMF.

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