Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission

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Mick Thomas is best known as the song master of pub-rock icons, weddings parties and everything in between. His ever-evolving talents as a writer and performer defines a career as intriguing as it is enduring.

His band The Roving Commission features Squeezebox Wally on piano accordion, Ben Franz on bass, Dave Folley on drums and bright new talent on guitar and vocals, Brooke Taylor with Micks unique mix of folk, roots and country.

Having not spent the Victorian lockdowns idle, Mick and his fine band ended up producing not one but two albums. The first in June 2020, ‘See You On the Other Side’ which featured the landmark chain recording track ‘See You When I’m Looking At You’ showcasing a plethora of artists such as Angie Hart, Nick Barker, Vicki Thorn and Ron Peno, and the second album later released in July 2021, ‘City’s Calling Me’.

We can’t wait to welcome Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission as they make their very first appearance on the Groundwater CMF stage, 12-14 November 2021.

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