Matt Ward & The Rising Sons

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Delivering an energetic blend of outlaw and Australian country music, Matt Ward has rapidly been forging his own space within the Australian music scene.

His 2019 debut album “Heartland” reached #1 on the ARIA Australian Country charts and his four singles (Annabelle, Back to the Country, Take Me Home & Better Man) have all been successful releases receiving high rotation on Australian country radio. He recently showcased at both Americanafest (Nashville) and Australian Music Week, and in 2019 played across America and Australia with respected country artists such as Adam Harvey, Katie Brianna, Bonnie Montgomery (US) and Brad Butcher.

Rhythms Magazine described Heartland as a “strong debut”, its track Annabelle as “world class” and the album “testament to Ward’s ability to blend popular country and alt country elements to produce convincingly heartfelt songs”. Country Music Capital News said Ward was “everything that is good about Australian Country Music” while Jolene Country Music blog said Ward’s songs were “..as fitting in a dusty outback pub as they were in an inner city Melbourne bar” and that “songs as well constructed as these can travel”.

But Matt’s journey has been different from most. Working for years in land management across regional and outback South Australia and more recently living and touring out of Texas, Ward has an intimate knowledge of the land and its people. Time on the road, his connection to the country, emotions experienced along the way – it is the lifeblood of country music and Matt has it in spades.

With strong storytelling, catchy hooks and a rich blend of Australian and American country music, Matt draws comparison to Paul Kelly, Midland and Steve Earle in his songs and spirited live performances. He’s ready for Australia’s biggest country stages and America’s finest bars, and his journey to get there provides compelling authenticity as both an artist and person.

You won’t want to miss Matt Ward & the Rising Sons at Groundwater CMF 2020!

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