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As three individuals, they are some of the most decorated and well respected musicians and songwriters in the Australian music scene. Each member of Hinterland is a “triple threat” – a singer, songwriter and master of their instrument.

Rachel Bostock is one of the most revered violinists in Australia and a three time Golden Fiddle Award winner. Robbie Bostock recently won a National Songwriting Award for an original instrumental and has toured the world playing guitar on the biggest stages with some of our huge homegrown talent. Jesse Emmanuel also has an APRA Songwriters Award under her belt and co-writing credits on Taylor Moss’ huge hits “Let Me Be” and “Ain’t No Girly Girl”. All 3 have experienced great success in their collectively long careers in the music business and have often collaborated as The Bostocks and playing cover gigs under name The Daisy Dukes.

Just last year they opened for Troy Cassar Daley and Jimmy Barnes as a trio. But this new project, which was quickly coined “Hinterland” as a nod to each member’s childhood homes and love for doing things a little bit outside the box, promises to be the most exciting endeavor for Rachel, Robbie and Jesse. Their first single, “In The Hinterland” kicked some major goals for the new band. It reached #2 on iTunes, #1 on 2TM in Tamworth and #8 overall on Australian country radio. Their social media accounts blew up with new fans and it was like the journey was beginning all over again. Hinterland might be a new band, but every single member has cut their proverbial music industry teeth many, many years ago. This is a group who has been around the block and now knows how to play, write and sing at the top of their game and with deep seated chemistry that can only come from over a decade of working together and being best friends and family. Catch Hinterland at Groundwater 12-14 November

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