Haystack Mountain Hermits

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Award-winning family band Haystack Mountain Hermits are all related (and have the embarrassing photos to prove it). The family hit the A1 National Highway ten years ago on a 7 month long busking tour of Australia, with the kids learning to play their instruments in the back of the van as they travelled. Between the family, they play guitar, mandolin, double bass, accordion, washboard, ukulele, banjo, snare drum, harmonica, dobro, kazoo, xaphoon… and more! The Hermits haven’t stopped travelling, busking or performing since then. They’ve been Tamworth Busking Champions, Australian National Busking Champions and you may have seen them in the ABC series The Recording Studio, which won an ARIA for Best Soundtrack. Catch the Haystack Mountain Hermits’ performance at Groundwater CMF 12-14 November, 2021! You'll laugh, you'll sing, you might even dance. But mostly, you’ll just wonder how they fit into one vehicle with all those instruments. One family. One band. One day… they’ll get a bigger bus.

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