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Col Finley a proud independent singer/songwriter, father of two boys, husband to one amazing woman and friends to thousands of fans, Col Finley is one of Australia’s most successful independent recording and touring artists.

He has done the hard yards in the music business and film industry by being involved for over 30 years. He has recorded and released six highly successful commercial albums and has travelled throughout Australia and overseas, performing and sharing the stage with International name artists, The Chicks, Lady A and Aussie Icons Jimmy Barnes and Paul Kelly. He has also performed and acted in TV Shows, A Real Sea Change, MDA and Bert Newton Good Morning Australia plus the iconic Australian film Dad and Dave On Selection with Jeffery Rush and Noah Taylor. Col wrote the song ‘Devils Ride’ for the hit cult film Wolf Creek. Col Finley’s high energy live show engages his audience from the moment he steps on stage to when he hits the big finale! His music has been referred to as honest, homegrown Country Rock, written from the deepest part of his heart and music that tickles the eardrums with soulful lyrics.

Don’t miss Col as he takes to the stage at Groundwater CMF 12-14 November 2021.

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