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There’s an old adage that it’s the singer not the song. That’s not strictly correct. It’s all about the singer and the song. Without those two components, you have nothing. No amount of production, studio trickery and sheen can compensate for the lack of those two essential ingredients.

Chloe Styler has both of these things – in spades. She can sing like an emotional, empowered angel, and has songs that she owns, lyrics of observation, heart and soul that she delivers with an intensity and commitment that make you believe she experienced the events and then wrote about them five minutes before she walked into the studio.

So, what does the 24-year-old Gold Coast singer and songwriter sound like? You can hear echoes of contemporary artists such as Maggie Rogers, Jade Bird, Gretta Ray and Vera Blue in there. They’re just echoes mind you. Chloe sounds very much like only one artist – Chloe Styler. Elsewhere, astute listeners might spot the sprinkle dust of the sounds of artists that Chloe also admires – Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Kacey Musgraves.

Chloe has toured constantly, honing her performances skills as well as growing as a writer and singer. In February 2020, she toured nationally with 80s UK pop icon Tony Hadley (yes, the Spandau Ballet guy) that gave her increased experience on big stages and in front of large audiences.

Chloe Styler is a voice for our times. Hers is strong, powerful and committed. These are performances that are essentially contemporary but with an affectionate nod to what has come before. Chloe is seemingly destined to be at the forefront of young, focused and powerful Australian artists.

We can’t wait to see what Chloe Styler will bring to Groundwater CMF, 12-14 November 2021.

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