Camille Trail

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Camille Trail is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter and cattle farmer from Central Queensland.

She’s the only artist that producer Shane Nicholson ever worked with who paid for the recording of an album by selling a couple of bulls. Her debut album ‘River Of Sins” – a sultry melting pot of country, folk, blues and gospel – was released in August 2021 on Compass Bros and Universal Music Australia where she wanted to bring a raw and vulnerable side out in her music. While she’s a country singer who actually grew up in the country, on her family’s cattle farm a couple of hours out of Rockhampton, if you’re expecting songs about utes, boots and tractor chutes, you’re on the wrong beast. “I think I’ve always loved vulnerable music. There’s something really beautiful about just a piano and lyrics and space,” says Camille, who plays and writes on piano and guitar. “I’ve always loved those darker themes and I’m a big believer in what goes around comes around.”

You won’t want to miss Camille at Groundwater CMF, 12-14 November 2021.

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