2020 Star Maker Winner Sammy White

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Groundwater CMF welcomes the 2020 Star Maker Winner Sammy White to perform for the first time.

Raised on the land but located on the Reef; armed with a cuppa and pen, born quiet and sweet – from day dot, Sammy White has been the perfect walking contradiction.

Once astonishingly shy, Sammy found her feet on stage and like a page from an old hand-written journal, she lays it on the line with her honest all-in approach to songwriting. The authentic cry in her vocal tones and relatable tales of trials and tribulations leave audiences hanging on every raw, emotion-exuding word. Being quite emotionally introverted, Sammy has always turned to writing out her feelings. Her songs are raw, authentic and written with an all-in approach to storytelling.

Sammy’s debut single, Drowning My Sorrows was the first cut from the anticipated extended player Lay It On Me (to be released mid 2020). The single launched in May 2019 and within 24 hours, headed straight to #5 on the iTunes Country charts. Co-written with Lachlan Bryan, the song is about how everyone copes with the things life throws up. While second single and catchy EP opener I Can’t Outrun You, a first-hand dating experience when the guy is more invested and you are backed in to a corner.

One gets the impression Sammy White gets the same feeling she got performing and writing her thoughts down as a shy young girl, but whilst she chases her dreams as a young adult, her sureness flourishes as she lives and breathes and bases her whole existence to become successful at it.

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