Chair Guidelines


We’re all about making sure you have the best time during Groundwater Country Music Festival. 

You are more than welcome to bring your own portable chairs to the festival! But keep in mind the following guidelines below to give everyone the chance to have the best weekend possible.

Designated Chair Zones

You can find the ‘designated chair zones’ at each stage with signage and bunting.

We want to keep you safe!

To keep you safe we have created ‘chair exclusion zones’ at each stage. These zones only come into effect at certain times throughout the day. Depending on the programming this could change daily, so please follow the instructions on the signage and from security as required.

If you’re unsure, speak up!

If you aren’t sure where you can place your chair, please ask security.

Broadbeach Mall Stage

Please remember that only a limited amount of seating will be provided by the Festival at the Broadbeach Mall Stage. Ps. You are more than welcome to use your own chair if these are taken!

Keep it fun and fair

Remember to be respectful of those who have already placed chairs out. We’re all here to have a great time!

Unattended items

Please do not leave your chairs unattended for safety reasons, and if deemed required, unattended chairs may be removed by the Festival.

Let’s get organised

Unfortunately, we do not sell or hire chairs within the festival. However, there are surrounding shopping centres where you may be able to purchase chairs from once you get here. Just don’t leave it too late!

Finally… have fun! 

We ask that you respect and follow these rules to give everyone the chance to experience the best that Groundwater Country Music Festival has to offer. Don’t forget to tag us @groundwatercmf and hashtag #groundwatercmf on your photos!