Midnight Son & The Crime Scene

It’s a strange life for the Queensland country fan. How can you reconcile your love for country pickin’, soaring pedal steel and songs about women, horses and trucks when you’re more than 14 thousand kilometres away from Nashville?

There’re no such concerns for Brisbane four-piece Midnight Son and the Crime Scene. These boys just straighten their Stetsons, pick up their guitars and play damn fne traditional country with a twist that would be equally welcome in Bluebird Café or Brunswick St.

This is as real as country gets. Unlike many bands kicking around the country music scene, Midnight Son and the Crime Scene aren’t interested in messing with the format. They’re not alt-country. They’re not country rock. They’ve got their feet squarely in the traditional country camp, only occasionally drifting into western territory. These boys stick to songs and styles that Willie, Waylon and the other country giants of old would be proud to call their own.

Michael Pearson AKA Midnight Son was born to be a country music front man. When the band kicks in, he gets a charming twinkle in his eye, a twang in his voice, and a slightly cocky shuffe as he makes his way around the stage. He has the crowd shaking their denim-clad cabooses with one song, and then puts them at the bottom of the bottle thinking about what could have been with the next. Between songs he’s an amicable storyteller, weaving little tales that effortlessly blend truth and fction.

Behind Midnight Son is the Crime Scene, Pearson’s ragtag crew of country-fred pickers, plonkers and hitters. Tom Wassman knows every country lick in the book and rolls them out with an infectious enthusiasm. Bass man Ben Morine and drummer Steve Wills lay down a thick, sturdy foundation suitable for any barn dance or a rodeo. It could all add up to the slickest, most entertaining country covers band of all time if it wasn’t for Michael Pearson’s natural gift for song craft. His songs are honest and raw, never straying near the tacky clichés many in country are sick of. He’s never been to a fancy Nashville song writing course, but one listen to the latest EP Comin Back, you’d be forgiven for thinking he wrote the course material.

These are some of the most exciting, infectious songs Australian country music has heard in a long time. You’re going to get familiar with Midnight Son and the Crime Scene if you’re a country music fan in Queensland. They’re playing alongside some of the biggest names we’ve got and they’re on the bill at every festival worth it’s salt.