It’s a long way from the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst to Nashville. Even further if you start from the outskirts of Melbourne and set out via London.

It’s taken time but now, finally, they’ve arrived. All divergent paths have led right here. Welcome to DARLINGHURST, a debut Melbourne four-piece set to redefine Australian country music.


Jason Resch —With his modish mop and immaculate vintage suits, Jason initially looks more suited to The Rolling Stones in 1965 than a New Country outfit in 2019. But Jase has dedicated a big chunk of his young life to his love of country, having lived and worked in Nashville for years before recently resettling in his hometown of Melbourne.

Cassie Leopold and Pagan Newman — the ladies of Darlinghurst who were a duo long before their powerful harmonies forged the foundation of this new quartet. Wait until you hear these voices together. Cass and Paigs: a force of nature, technically unrelated but inseparable sisters in life and song.

Matt Darvidis — The new kid on the block and a prodigious guitarist.

Darlinghurst’s debut single is entitled “Sorry Won’t Get You Back” – it’s big, soulful and beautiful, and is available to stream and download from August 2nd.