Bud Rokesky

Bud Rokesky was found in the type of landscape hidden from most, at the end of an almost unrecognisable road in the deepest quarter of a region near the town of Imbil, Queensland.

A voice that has been described as warm honey whiskey and a style reminiscent of early Kris Kristofferson or Gillian Welch, Bud writes songs from the innermost parts of his heart and mind, revealing truths in stories rich with character and experience. Rokesky has travelled extensively around the world sharing his accounts and melodies with spellbound listeners, amongst many beautiful settings including English Taverns, Italian Cafès, Swedish Riversides and Scottish Moors.

On home soil Bud Rokesky has played alongside many respected Australian artists including Matt Corby, Rohin Jones, Jac Stone, Paddy McHugh, Dave Di Marco, Jordan Ireland and Alex Henriksson, and has also serenaded crowds at Woodford Folk Festival, Museum Collective performances, Finders Keepers and Night Quarter Markets to name a few.

2018 is set to see the release of an extensive body of original work from Bud Rokesky along with extensive touring in support.

July 29, 2018 11:00 am The Kurrawa Caravan
July 29, 2018 12:30 pm The Kurrawa Caravan