Ashleigh Dallas

Golden Guitar winner, born and breed Tamworth girl, Ashleigh Dallas has followed in her family’s love of Country Music. Only 22 years of age, Ashleigh has taken her music to many different stages and to the ears of many different audiences.

The singer, songwriter and musician started her craft from the early age of 2 and half, at the Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music. Watching from side stage many a family show, Ash’s love for music was clear to everyones eye. Starting violin lessons at the age of 6, trained classically and playing in several orchestras over her school years, but breaking the “classical” rules at home playing country fiddle to records that her Dad Brett would give her. As Ash reached her teenage years she added acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele and banjo to her belt and also started the craft of songwriting.

Growing up in the Dallas family, Ashleigh was performing on stage from an extremely young age. Starting out on her Grandfathers (4x Golden Guitar Winner & Roll of Renown recipient , Rex Dallas) property: The Gully Round Up, and the ever popular Gully Grub Barn, was where Ash started reciting poetry, to then singing her favourite couple of songs and helping sell CD’s while the rest of the family did there thing.

Ashleigh also would play music with her Dad, Brett Dallas and his family band Dirtwater, which Ash quotes to be one of her greatest childhood memories. “Watching my Dad and his brothers play music together always made me happy. It made me dream of being up on the stage with my Dad and my brother and my family, sharing a common bond and love while singing and picking a guitar, and also sharing it with a room full of people. That is something pretty special.”

In 2009, Ashleigh attended the Junior Academy (formally known as Camerata) and was accepted into the Senior Academy the following year 2010, at only 17 years of age. In the 2011 Tamworth Country Music Festival, Ash was awarded a Golden Fiddle Award for Outstanding Youth Achievement, gaining her more exposure and respect within the industry.

In the past couple of years, Ash has taken her songs and instruments to many different stages, whether it be a musician for fellow Australian artists, or fronting her Family band (Dad Brett, Brother Lindsay, & Cousin Luke). Ashleigh and her band have also played regular gigs around Australia & played some of Australia’s biggest Country Music Festival such as: The Gympie Muster, Sydney Country Music Festival, Broadbeach Country Music Festival, and also has sailed the high seas several times on the popular Country Music trip: Cruisn’ Country, again performing as an artist in her own right, but also in the house band.

July 28, 2018 7:30 pm Broadbeach Mall Stage