Andrew Swift

Making music can sometimes feel like you’re drifting on the ocean,waiting for inspiration to appear like shore on the horizon.

For Australian singer-songwriter Andrew Swift, the sea was the Melbourne music scene.
Following the release of his acclaimed 2015 debut, Sound the Alarm, he was adrift in the sprawling waves. But coastline appeared in the form of country and Americana music. These timeless genres reinvigorated his songwriting and new music flowed around him.

Those familiar with Swift’s impressive first record will notice the left turn taken on follow-up Call Out For the Cavalry. The classic sound of American roots country fits him like a glove.

One would think from listening to assured tracks like ‘Reckless Desires’ and ‘Ball & Chain’ that Swift has been plying his trade in the Australian alt-country scene since he picked up a guitar. But this is new territory for Swift and he’s quickly acclimatised.

Catch Andrew Swift live in 2019 at the Groundwater Country Music Festival!